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Happy pride from the Eric Clive community!

"I get the voice for the voiceless going"


Welcome to the Eric Clive Show: Unconventional, Chaotic, and Hilarious!

The Eric Clive Show has been known to get... testy...

Imagine a realm unlike any other on Twitch, where viewers find an intriguing community and a unique voice. The Eric Clive Show, hosted by the one and only Eric Clive, is here to redefine your streaming experience. Brace yourself for a wild ride filled with outrageous antics, heart-pounding gameplay, and a community that's both welcoming and, at times, a little bit toxic.

Join Eric Clive as he fearlessly dives into the world of chess, displaying his wit, strategy, and a knack for making a fool out of himself all in the name of those coveted donations. But that's not all! Prepare to be captivated by his adventures in Pro Soccer Online, Codenames, Poker, and the unexpected realm of Dream Daddy. You may also find yourself enthralled by his drawing skills, drunken desk poundings, political debates with Cole, or even the occasional ingestion of shaving cream!

There's one unique feature that sets this stream apart from the rest of the Twitch community. Every message in the chat comes to life through an engaging text-to-speech narration, ensuring that no conversation goes unnoticed. Accents from arounds the world are supported, so you can truly be your authentic self while watching and chatting.

While the show thrives on its unconventional nature, it's important to note that Eric Clive and his community stand for humanity, diversity, inclusivity, and actively oppose any form of hate such as racism, homophobia, and sexism. The show aims to bring people together in a welcoming environment where laughter and entertainment take center stage.

The Eric Clive Show may have a small but dedicated fan base, a testament to the unique experience and passion that Eric Clive brings to the streaming world. So buckle up, join the community, and get ready to experience a show that pushes the boundaries, challenges norms, and keeps you entertained like never before.

Welcome to the Eric Clive Show, where social rejects find community, and the voiceless finds a voice.



In loving memory of Eric's viewers who have been banned on Twitch for some dumbass reason

Editor's Note: Hibey and Guac have since been unbanned on Twitch.


Memorable Quotes

In 2 years Im roughly double ur rating from being the same go to college and am a chesscum partner, Have a car and a boat in San Diego KEKW, no offense but anything u say to me is just like an annoying bug -gorey_hole

If you, as a male, kiss your partner while having anal sex with them, you're essentially using them as a straw to suck your own cock -u/frightenedbabiespoo on r/copypasta

If you're watching this tape, I'm probably dead- murdered by my boyfriend Eric Clive. Eric has been building a prostitution ring for over a year now, and using me as his pimp. -bengapu2

if we talked to the same crowd of people they would forget you in a week your nothing ur worthless ur a worm ur an ant on my shoe that i step into the ground -eric

as time goes on, its becoming increasingly clear there isnt one single reporter, but it was an entire guerilla war -gp_bear

"i dont think he realizes that i am me" -eric

"i'd rather be a retard who can do a kickflip than stephen hawking" -eric

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Notice from Eric Clive: Just because I laugh at racism in my own chat, and I don't ban them, doesn't mean I'm a racist

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